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After pregnancy, giving birth, or a great weight loss the abdominal (especially the lower) part of the body changes, which affects the skin, the fatty tissue and the abdominal muscles as well.

Stria develop on the skin, the quantity and size of the fat tissue increases in the lower abdomen, the muscles of the abdominal wall loosen or even diverge.

In case of an exceeding descent, a so called “slip-tummy” develops where fungus caused inflammations are frequent. These changes are usually resistant to exercise, special lotions and treatments, and only small results can be achieved.

What can you do?

The method to really correct these alterations is the abdominoplasty. The goal is to reconstruct the shape of the abdominal wall, especially the lower part of the body, to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. This is the only method capable to make the stria disappear.

During the surgery the excess skin and fat is removed, the scar is planned so that the underwear or swimsuit should cover it.

The operation is done in general anesthesia so a 2-3 days hospital care is necessary. After the surgery you should wear a support garment. The stitches are removed in 2 weeks.

The abdominoplasty may be performed at the same time with other surgery. It can be combined with abdominal or femoral hernia, as well as gynecological operations, or liposuction.

Ptosis after more pregnancies – correction with abdominoplasty

2 years after the procedure the scar is barely visible

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