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What is BOTOX exactly? Miracle substance? Does it cure everything?

The botulinum toxin is a neural toxin produced by a bacterium to paralyze the muscle movement.
This toxin can be produced artificially and if applied in small dosage it is possible to temporarily paralyze the chosen muscle’s movement.

Ezt a mérget mesterségesen előállítva, kis adagban alkalmazva, általunk kiválasztott izmok működését tudjuk időlegesen felfüggeszteni.

How can we use it?

  • Most frequently we use it to treat wrinkles. One part of the wrinkles is caused by facial muscle movement. It is possible to make the wrinkles disappear by temporarily blocking the function of these facial muscles.
  • By knowing the exact location and function of these muscles, the substance may be applied precisely, so if it is done by a professional, the toxin is harmless.
    Mostly it is used to treat the wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead, below the mouth and the crow’s feet by the eyes.
    It is however not applicable for complete face rejuvenation as the toxin would block the movement of all the facial muscles creating a motionless “larval” face, which can not be our goal.
  • There are people who have great troubles because of their extensive perspiration. A heavily sweaty hand or armpit can cause problems in the everyday life.
    In these cases the function of the sweat-glands may permanently be blocked by performing a serious surgery in general anesthesia.
    The BOTOX treatment is an alternative to block the muscles within the sweat-glands and as so reducing the perspiration immensely.
  • In certain neurological aspects the application of this substance may prove useful as well.

How long the effects will last?

The effect of this substance will last up to 3 months during which period the muscle function will eventually restart. Later on it is possible to repeat the treatment.

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