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Breast Augmentation


The breast is the symbol of womanliness. Its size, form are the sources of frequent problems for most women. Some ladies would like to have bigger ones, some would like them smaller, there are those who would like to correct an asymmetric look, or those who would like to correct the changes, descent caused by pregnancy.

The first surgical procedures for breast augmentation were tried during the end of years 1800. The silicon was first used for this reason in 1964 by the idea of two American plastic surgeons, Cronin and Gerow. The first generation of implants has gone through a great development. The structure however has remained the same: a silicon shell filled with either silicon gel or a salt-water solution known as saline.

Both types are safe, those traded in the Hungarian market correspond to both American and European standards. The touch of silicon filled implants resembles most to the touch of natural breast while the saline filled implants are harder.

Last years novelty is the cohesive gel filled implants where the gel is placed in such a form that even in case of a shell fracture it cannot leak.

The implants mentioned above have no harmful effect to the human body. Pregnancy, giving birth, nursing are all possible after a breast augmentation procedure.

The insertion (incision in the armpit, around the nipples, or under the breast) or the precise place of the implant (directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle) is determined individually during the examination and consultation.

The body will form a capsule around the implant. This capsule may sometimes tighten, where, in serious cases, another operation may become necessary.

The operation is mostly done in general anesthesia after which a day of hospital care is necessary. The patient should wear a surgical bra for 3-4 weeks, but 1 week after the procedure she can go back to work if necessary.

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Breast augmentation
Implant position under the muscle, round, 280 g

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