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Breast Reduction


Due to development, hormonal or hereditary reasons the breast growth may become excessive. This can either be aesthetically bothering or even cause severe physical and psychic problems. The patient can experience shoulder, back, spinal aches, and the bra may leave painful marks on the shoulders. In the crease below the breast -especially in hot weather – inflammations may develop.

Breast reduction is best timed after the planned pregnancies, but in the case of severe physical and psychic problems, it can be done sooner.

In an optimal case the breasts’ size can be reduced by liposuction, but in most cases it is not sufficient. During the operation one part of the breast tissue has to be removed to realize the convenient form and size. It is possible to reduce the larger areola as well.

After a classical surgery the scars can be found around the nipple, vertically below and in the crease. In the case of a smaller breast reduction the operation is possible without the incision in the crease below the breasts.

After a breast reduction a loss of feeling may be experienced in the nipples, and the areola. During 3-4 weeks the patient is advised to wear a surgical bra. The stitches are removed within 2 weeks.

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