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The young form of the breasts changes over the years due to pregnancy, nursing, or body weight fluctuations, the skin loses its flexibility, stria can develop.

The type of operation is always chosen individually, after a deliberate consultation.

During the operation the nipple and areola are raised, the excess skin is removed, the breasts get reshaped. The size of the areola can be changed as well.

The incisions can be performed just around the areola, or around the areola and below vertically, or even more in the lower crease of the breasts.

When the volume of breast tissue is reduced during the years, the mastopexy may not be enough to restore the original form. In this case an implant may be necessary to achieve the ideal size and place.

The surgery is done in anesthesia, so 1 day after treatment in the hospital is necessary. The stitches will be removed 2 weeks after the operation, but for 3-4 weeks the use of a surgical bra is advised. 1 week after the procedure the patient can go back to work if necessary.

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