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The elasticity of the skin is reduced by aging, so the effects of gravity are easier to spot. These changes can also be seen on one’s face, but as we cannot hide our faces, these effects may bother many of us.

What exactly are these signs?

The easiest to see are the wrinkles, of which one part is due to the facial muscle movements.

The descent of the forehead and the temporal region shows most of all on the eyebrows and the eyelids. The eyebrows drop, so a supplement of skin is seen on the upper eyelids and the lower eyelids get baggy. The mid part of the face – which plays a key role in the young face structure – changes as well. Wrinkles become visible on the neck.

The goal of a face rejuvenating procedure is not to stop aging, but to create a younger, fresher look. How can we do that? Several operations are possible, starting from the small actions insuring only a temporary result, to more serious surgeries.

In wrinkle treatment there is the possibility to apply a laser for skin rejuvenation, the BOTOX treatment where the facial muscles are temporarily blocked, or to use injectable fillers. These operations heal quickly, no pause is necessary in the everyday life.

Nowadays the use of the natural fillers is very popular. The fat, suctioned from another part of the body, can be used as a filler, injected into the face. The result is very natural, but usually need two times for the perfect, long lasting correction.

In case of “more severe” variations, we can choose the best procedure from the different forms of face lifting - temporal lift, upper or lower cheek reconstruction, endoscopic surgery.

Previously to the operation though, detailed analyses and a personal discussion are necessary.

With the use of implants the restructuring of the face, the changing of its character is possible if needed.

Common questions

Scar by the ear 1 month after a classical face lift

Scar by the ear 1 year after a classical face lift

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