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Many men in the world experience problems related to their penis. The erection problems are the field of an urologist. What plastic surgery can solve are the size and form problems.

Sometimes the bending of the penis may cause incapacity to intercourse. In the case of a more than 30 degree bending a surgical correction is advised. During this straightening surgery the penis may loose 0,5-1 cm of its length.

If the natural penis increasing methods did not give you the wanted result, you might consider the surgical procedure where several methods may be used to visibly or really increase the length or the size of the penis.

Many men have problems caused by the frenulum of prepuce of penis which is an elastic band of tissue on the underside of the penis that helps contract the prepuce over the head of the penis. During intercourse it can tear causing pain and bleeding, or it can also bend the glans, shortening the penis. Cutting the frenulum diminishes all the symptoms, may even cause the penis to grow in length up to 1 cm.
In the case of overweigh men the fat in the genital area may camber over the penis hiding 2-3 cm of its length. A Liposuction in this area can give these centimeters back.

The most important length increase – 2-4 cm – can be achieved by cutting the ligaments fixing the penis (more precisely the corpus cavernosum) to the pelvis. This procedure is the most complicated of all the above mentioned operations and it is only done in general anesthesia. The recovery time is 5-6 weeks compared to the other procedures where it is 2-3 weeks.

To increase the girth of the penis the best substance to use is the body’s own fat.

During this procedure the fat is suctioned from the other parts of the body (abdomen, buttocks) and after a refining process it is injected underneath the penis’s skin. It is not possible to implant a great quantity of fat a time, so 2-3 operations in local anesthesia are necessary in general to achieve the wanted results. This procedure presents no risks at all.

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