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Laser Surgery


Nowadays we hear and read more and more about the laser and the laser procedures.
The laser is a special high energy light beam. Several types of laser are known and used in different areas. The laser however is not a “cure-all”, it is not an answer for everything.

Where can it be used?


The high energy light beam is absorbed by the special cells of the hair follicule and so damaging them. A weaker hair will grow from the damaged follicle, then later no hair at all. Generally more procedures are necessary to achieve a long lasting result.

Tattoo removal

The different amateur and professional tattoos are the source of great joy at first, but as time passes by they can cause real problems to their owners. With the right laser technology most of them can be removed without leaving a scar.

For the removing of a more complicated multi layer professional picture several procedures are necessary. During the treatment a slight burning feeling may occur, and the skin may redden a little which will fast disappear.

Face rejuvenation

A surface laser treatment can be used to increase the collagen tone to smooth small wrinkles. Generally several (5-6) sessions are necessary.

The procedures above are done in ambulant care, so there is no necessary time for dropping-out from work or social life. These treatments are realized by different lasers, so a bad choice of method and you will not have the required results or may even have scars.

Varicose spider vein treatment

If the varicose spider veins have the convenient color the laser procedure may become an efficient additional treatment.

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