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The most frequent of the ear form particularities is the protruding ears.

The differences are usually hereditary and may cause severe psychic problems. During childhood the person may be subject of mockery which may hunt him/her during adulthood as well. With the convenient hair dress the ears can stay hidden, but the permanent solution is only the surgery, other attempts like pasting or otherwise fixing the ears closer to the head are not efficient.

The earliest time for the surgery is generally at the age of 5-7. It is important that the child should want the operation as well as the parents. The procedure can also be carried out in adulthood.

The surgery is done in ambulatory care with local anesthesia. An incision is made on the back of the ear. The surgery leaves no mark on the front side of the ear.

After the operation the patient’s head will be wrapped in a bandage which should stay on for 2 weeks. After the stitches are removed it is advised to wear some headband for 1-2 weeks, especially for the night. The effect of the surgery is permanent, the original situation will not return.

It is possible to recreate an ear partially or completely missing by injury, development disorder or tumor.

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