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Many people think that plastic surgery is done without scars, or that it is capable of making the scars disappear. Unfortunately it is not so, there are no miracles. In plastic surgery we use the adequate techniques, the knowledge of the healing process and well placed incisions to create “invisible” scars.

A scar is the skin’s response to outside influences. They can develop after injuries or operations. At first they are red and well visible then they become rose to turn white at the end of the healing process which can even take a year depending on the body part.

In an optimal case the scars are fine and almost unnoticeable. If during the healing process any problem (infection, improper scar orientation, predisposition) should arise the scar healing may unfortunately differ from the optimal case. They may broaden, swell, their color may stay vivid and they may even become painful.

In these cases local treatments may be used (steroid injections, silicon shields, compression therapy), or surgery might become necessary.

In any case the individual decision about the method or combination of methods to be used, is made after a thorough examination.

After a well chosen correction an optimal or close to optimal healing may be realized.

The most known pathological scar is the keloid, which is due to individual predisposition. It is intensely swollen, sometimes painful, its color differs much from the original skin color. Unfortunately its treatment is still unknown.

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The incision around the nipple is hardly noticeable 1 year after the surgery.

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